Gaming Platform “MobileGO”

Gaming Platform “MobileGO”
Blockchain technology’s potential to solve existing issues and realize substantial efficiency is not limited to the financial field. A lot of projects have appeared in recent years, and the possibilities they offer are attracting attention. This article will introduce MobileGO.

What is MobileGO?

“MobileGO” is an online game platform using block chain technology developed by California startup GameCredits. It aims to break down the centralized structure by conventional game companies by utilizing block chains and to create an ideal environment for both players and developers. It is one of the projects that is receiving the most attention now, including receiving the “Best Trading Coin Award” at the 2016 conference “Coinagenda” for investment cryptanalysts.

Game platform using block chains

By using MobileGO, everyone can develop and publish online games on the MobileGO platform. And likewise everyone can play online games published on MobileGO. In this way you can realize a fully distributed platform.
On the MobileGO platform, you can purchase various on-line games and use them as in-game currency using your own encryption currency “GameCredits (GAME token)”. This allows you to exchange money via P2P with players or players and developers without going through a centralized platform. It can also be said that developers can streamline remittance processing.

Benefits of MobileGO

By using block chain technology, all dealings done on the MobileGO platform are recorded in a form that makes it difficult to tamper with it. This makes it easier to prevent misconduct by malicious players using means such as hacking, as well as strengthening security related to intra-game settlement.
Other games available on MobileGO are compatible with the GameCredits system. Therefore, in addition to being able to use GAME used in a game in other games, you can also cash GAME obtained through games.

The future of MobileGO …

Prior to the MobileGO launch, ICO was held for one month starting April 25, 2017. In this, MobileGO token was sold, and it finally succeeded in procuring about 5.8 billion yen. Unlike GameCredits, MobileGO tokens are issued for funding associated with platform development, and fees for users purchasing GAME tokens are distributed to MobileGO token holders.
In recent years, with the spread of smartphones, the online game market continues to expand. On the MobileGo platform, it is already in a state that it can offer over 300 online games, and the goal is to announce the goal of making 1000 or more games available within the year. In the future, the number of game software and applications provided on MobileGo will increase, and there is the possibility of growing as a platform providing a wide variety of games. With attention being paid to the move with existing game platform companies, expectation will be increased in the process of increasing GameCredits’ presence as an online game platform.