PlayCoin to Collaborate with Qbao for Game Portal Management and Payments

PlayCoin, the blockchain project for gaming and digital assets, announced the partnership with Qbao Network, the payment gateway, for the game portal management and payments, according to its blog, posted on 12th February.

Qbao Network would add PlayCoin game portal for the application and Qbao’s network wallet, supporting QTUM, QBT,and others, would also add PlayCoin’s token(PLY) for new users to buy game items and other digital assets.

PlayCoin’s CEO Dennis Kim was cited as saying that PlayCoin’s game platform set-up would make one step closer to the strategic goal or the key to the world of Blockchain for Qbao Network, while the collaboration(with Qbao) would be not only as the first step to break the inherent structure of the game market but also as the first step of PlayCoin to the world.

Meanwhile, Kim talks on how cryptocurrency exchange has been recently put into controversy, via his contributed opinion article “Cryptocurrency Exchange with Blockchain and Security Technology” on Next Money’s February issue.

PlayCoin, based on the QTUM technology, is aiming at building the gaming platform primarily for small and indie creators.