Exclusive Interview with Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com

Exclusive Interview with Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com

Token News has recently did an exclusive interview with Mr. Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com on Skype.

Roger believed Bitcoin Cash is going to replace Bitcoin in the coming future. In this interview, he shared with us the vision of Bitcoin Cash, his insights on the cryptocurrency market and the prospect of Bitcoin Cash in the future.

Q. Can you tell us why are you promoting Bitcoin Cash? 

Let me show you by sending 10USD of Bitcoin and 10USD of Bitcoin Cash to your wallet. The transaction fee for sending Bitcoin Cash is less than a penny and is done immediately. While that of Bitcoin takes a much longer time like a day or more  and the transaction fee costs 4USD. Bitcoin Cash is efficient, cost less, fast and reliable. Also, the price of Bitcoin Cash goes up way faster than Bitcoin. I am sure people know which one they want to use.

Q. How are you promoting Bitcoin Cash in the near future?

All the bitcoin.com will be promoting Bitcoin Cash. The Bitcoin Cash wallet is also set as the default wallet.

Q. How would you describe the relationship of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash? With Bitcoin Cash on stage, how the role of Bitcoin will be changed?

Bitcoin Cash clearly is a cryptocurrency and Bitcoin will no longer be a cryptocurrency but a settlement layer. As a cryptocurrency should not take a long time and high cost for a transaction to proceed. I think Bitcoin is not a store of value equivalent to Gold. While Bitcoin Cash can be used everywhere and be used as store of value as currency. I think one year later, Bitcoin Cash will have more users and higher price than Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash will be considered as Bitcoin.

Q. The transaction of Bitcoin used to take place in China, but it is now shifted to Japan, what do you think?

Bitcoin is a worldwide phenomenon. Anyone has access to the internet can use Bitcoin Cash. As it is forbidden in China now, it is a shame that some people do not know what it is and cannot decide for themselves. I think individuals should do what they want with their money.

Q. There are rumors saying you will deposit 25k Bitcoin for bitcoin cash, have you heard about it?

Yes, I heard about it. I can tell you that I own more Bitcoin Cash than Bitcoin now but I will keep the amount secret.

Q. Do you think there will be a something better than Bitcoin Cash?

Probably someday, someday there will.