while many new sites have focused their attention on the ICO regulations announcement last week in Beijing and subsequent exchange closures, readers may have missed out on announcements concerning the screening of a new bit-coin documentary ,”SHAPE THE FUTURE” in Hong Kong.

Mr. Leon Liu of BITKAN, Mr. Jihan Wo of BITMAIN and other experts attended and held a BTC Q&A. They also fielded questions about the potential fork.

‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver has developed a simple and all-inclusive theory that suggests “Bitcoin usage should be based on personal judgment.” His comments were well-received by many audiences.
As for ICO projects,although favorably viewed in present company, as a keyword in the future, most agree that regulation is important, as we are still learning about Bitcoin and discussing its current value and future potential.

Of course, users should understand the fundamentals and origin of Bitcoin. With this in mind, we will continue to upload interviews, articles, and event information which will give readers a solid grasp of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
We also succeeded in scheduling an interview with BITMAIN CEO; Jihan Wo. During the interview, we analyzed his words very carefully in order to accurately communicate his ideas to us. We are looking forward to watching the mining in China and Asia in general. Many thanks to Mr. Wo for his valuable insight.
Finally, partner Ian Grigg (who is currently involved in no fewer than three business projects) shared his thoughts on blockchain and the future direction of EOS.

SHAPE THE FUTURE covered two days of events and was an invaluable opportunity to mingle with experts from around the world.
We will continue to report on the information gathered at this event, so that readers may benefit from the expertise of the individuals gathered.
Link:SHAPE THE FUTURE Blockchain Global Summit