Fintech Week New York 2017

Over the course of August 21~August 25, Fintech Week New York will hold events, conferences, and other exciting opportunities across the city, beginning Thomson Reuters., BTCC and other panelists from the leading companies will be presenting throughout the conference!

Since starting in London in 2014, Fintech Week has been held in major cities across the globe.

Fintech Week New York will be a gathering of some of the strongest names in the Fintech ecosystem: including investors, major banks, consultants, start-up companies, academics, governments, innovators and more!

This New York event will focus on the theme of “creation.” Throughout the four days of Fintech Week New York, the schedule includes conferences that will discuss areas such as Blockchain, Capital Market, Bank/Insurance, Money/Payment.
There is a reception every evening of the exhibition, giving participants the opportunity to enjoy engaging with other enthusiasts in a relaxed setting. Additionally, the exhibition will hold workshops and a hackathon, so attendees can get a full, in-depth experience.

Fintech Week New York